Simone Chen And Daniel Hung The Winner Of Titles At World Youth Championships

Simone Chen and Daniel Hung, who are the national sailors, are best known for their sailing skills and powerful competency attitude. In the Laser 4.7 Youth World Championships, they claimed gold. The championship is taking place in Poland. Both have clinched titles in the girls’ Under-16 division and boys’ division respectively.


This was the six-day competition held in Gdynia and 430 youth sailors hailing from around the world participated in the championship.

Daniel, who is Said 17-year old and who will debut in Asian Games that will held in Indonesia next month shared his experience and said: “The race wasn’t easy at all. The wind and conditions at the course was pretty tricky. But our alertness during the race and our consistency and hard work helped me. I did not lose my focus anywhere during the race as I was aware that my competitors looking for my mistake. The competitors were also extremely tough. So, all I can say all my positive moves made me achieve my results.”

Lincoln Chee the Singapore Sailing president hailed the performance of Daniel as well as the Simone, who is 15-year-old as a “tremendous achievement”.

He said,” With the individual talent and right support our sailors have confirmed that they have everything that a sailor has to have to make his performance the best and to perform at the world stage.”

Simone shared her experience and said, “This is the performance I can never forget, I have helped me understand my strong and weak points. It was a great experience as it is never easy to independently at this level. I have made my parents proud of me and I proud of myself as well.”

“I am feeling excited after winning the title,” she added.